A Haven Of Kindness, Creativity, and Trust

Welcome to our Haven community, where children’s learning and development is always promoted.

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Genuine Relationships

Our team at Haven Early Learning are committed to representing a culture of kindness, where genuine connections are built with all families and children. Our professional team of educators and teachers are passionate about providing the best care to children, nurturing their unique identities, wellbeing and inspiring their early education.

Emergent, play-based curriculum

Haven Early Learning fosters the holistic development of children through a play-based curriculum. We empower children to become competent and capable learners through our environments, programs and interactions that set fundamental foundations for all of their future learning and education.

Nutritious Food

Haven provides five delicious meals to children each day, catering for any dietary requirements and/or personal preferences. Extensive planning goes into our 4-week rotating menu to ensure that children’s nutritional needs are being met while at Haven.

Early Childhood education is dynamic and complex, with play a natural desire for children where they build neural connections, explore their environment, build friendships, express their personality, understand new concepts and learn life skills.

Our Philosophy

At Haven Early Learning we believe that genuine, trusting, kind and fun relationships will have positive long-lasting impacts on children’s early childhood learning and development. We are a community who promote equal opportunities and welcome all individuals’, celebrating their strengths, interests and abilities. Our professional team are committed and continually being inspired, motivated, and empowered to deliver the highest quality educational programs for all children and young people.

Our strong belief is that children establish fundamental foundations to their learning and development in the early years of life through engaging in an integrated play-based program, which is demonstrated through our values and themes of:

We Collaborate as One

We believe in creating a community feel at Haven working in collaboration with our children, families, and the community, to promote a sense of comfort and security. We value open partnerships with families, respecting the notion that they are their child’s first teachers. Further, we are committed to creating meaningful learning opportunities, demonstrated through positive and collaborative interactions between educators and children.

We Value Children as Leaders

Children are capable and competent leaders in their own learning journeys here at Haven. We value providing children with choice to learn through their lenses, while engaging in the indoor and outdoor learning environments. This promoting children’s sense of autonomy and agency to express their feelings, develop their identity and confidence to explore new settings.

We Facilitate Learning & Development

We facilitate learning through scaffolding interactions in play, recognising individual children’s learning styles and creating provocations that appeal to their strengths and interests. Our educational programs foster hands on experiences that bring everyone together and connect children to their environment. The importance of forming a connection with nature is reflected in different and unique ways throughout our classrooms including community excursions, worm farms, garden beds and outdoor play.

We Believe in Equal Opportunities

We acknowledge the diverse society in which we live in and the unique identities of all people including those with linguistic diversity, individuals from differing gender and sexual orientations, diverse families and children with exceptional development or a disability. Children have a right to belong, feel respected, develop and express their own identity at Haven. We believe in sprinkling culture and diversity throughout all of Haven and acknowledge the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Bunurong land on which we gather.

At Haven we value and respect children, with them contributing to the development of this philosophy, giving feedback about why they love Haven including:

I love all of it

I like the teachers, they are so nice

I like my room, it makes me happy

I love playing with everyone

Everyone listens to my words at Haven

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